Metallic & Watercolor Book & Kit

Create watercolors that glimmer and glow! Add sparkle and shine to your paintings with shimmering metallic watercolors. This unique kit has everything you need to create dynamic watercolors. An illustrated instructional book covers the basics of painting with translucent watercolors and metallic paint. You’ll learn standard watercolor techniques, such as how to apply washes and color blends. Constructive tips will help bring your work to the next level. For extra inspiration there’s even a gallery section filled with additional ideas.

  • Book
  • Drawing Pad
  • Metallic Watercolor
  • Regular Watercolor
  • Mixing Palette
  • Paintbrushes
Dimensions 12" x 12.5" x 2"
305mm x 318mm x 51mm
ISBN 978-1-60311-844-6