Hot & Cold Stone Massage Book & Kit (Gigantic)

Up to now you would have had to head to an expensive spa to safely and enjoyably experience the benefits of hot and cold massage. Ernesto Ortiz, a noted artist, author, teacher and therapist, has, for more than 25 years, held innovative multi-dimensional workshops and retreats for professional massage therapists. Now, for the first time, he is introducing his techniques to the general public. Everything you need is included in this kit. Massage is both a great gift to give and wonderful to receive.

  • A full-color book
  • Basalt river stones
  • Wooden spoon
  • Satin pouches
  • CD
Dimensions 19.25" x 13" x 1.625"
489mm x 330mm x 41mm
ISBN 978-1-60311-194-2